Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Appointment #9 - 37 Weeks

Ok...we are feeling more ready for baby as each week passes. During our 37 week appointment the nurse performed another ultrasound to check the baby's position...again. Much to our surprise baby Harper has turned on his own! He is just about head down, but because he is a little slanted, the nurse recommends that we keep our Friday appointment for the "version" procedure (which will take place at Walnut Creek). We forgot to mention in our last post that the procedure runs the risk of sending Shauna into labor. Therefore, I cannot eat or drink after midnight...just in case. Funny how you don't think about food that often unless you are prohibited from eating...

At 37 weeks the baby...

- Could literally come at any time now
- Weighs over 6 lbs.
- Measures over 19 inches

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