Friday, August 14, 2009

Twins? Due Date? Big Baby?

If only I had a dollar for every time I've been asked:

"Are you having twins?... "Are your sure your due date isn't sooner?"..Or my personal favorite, "WOW, that's going to be a BIG baby, isn't it?"

Funny how perfect strangers feel comfortable asking one or all of these questions! Yes, my stomach is big and appears to be multiplying by the day. I guess that comes with having person inside of you. All that matters is that I am on track according to my health care provider who says that there's only one baby in there; my due date is still the same (Oct. 16th), the baby is set to be average size (approx. 7 lbs), and most importantly he is healthy.

However, being the person that I am I did a little research and found that as humans we are all individuals and the size and shape of a pregnant woman's belly will depend on many factors (even at identical stages of pregnancy) including:

- Your height and weight.
- If this is your first or subsequent baby.
- What position your baby is lying in, and of course
- If you are carrying twins or triplets or more!

Therefore, try to remember that every woman's body is unique in how she changes and responds to her pregnancy.

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