Monday, June 1, 2009

It's A...

Well, if you haven't already heard from us by now, we are excited to announce that "It's a BOY!" We had our "official" ultasound appointment today (and we even let Dominic tag along). All of us were anxious to see what the baby was up to. As soon as we arrived, the Ultrasound Tech asked if we wanted to know the sex and almost in unison we responded, "YES!" He informed us that it would be very easy to determine if it was a boy. As he started the ultrasound and proceed to show us the head, arms, feet, etc., he finally saw the symbol confirming that the baby was a boy. We were all excited (although Pierre asked the Tech if he was sure and wanted to know what the chances were that he could be wrong). We can't wait to welcome our new baby boy (on Oct. 16th...they changed the due date from the 14th)! Now, instead of being asked about the baby's gender, we'll be fielding questions about the baby's name. And for now we've decided that will be a surprise!

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